Jessica (Hebrew) Annalee (Hebrew/English): “seen through God's gracious eyes”

My heart tells me we each have a beauty to be revealed.  It blossoms from the inside out, and there are subtle and distinct traits to each of us. It's my blessing and desire to capture that through photos.


I am a wife, mother, photographer, dancer, equestrian, and voracious reader. If you were to stop by our house, you'd find me obsessing about the dog hair that is ever-present on the hardwood floors, playing dress up with our daughter (I get glamorous roles such as Troll Under the Bridge), and trying to find the elusive flexibility that is so essential to dancing ballet. The house would smell of candles from Bath and Body Works, but never be as clean as perfectionist-me would have it. Thankfully, God blessed me with an abundance of patience and a peaceful heart, even when chaos abounds. It's something my clients value - that calm demeanor to put them at ease, while knowing I'll take enough control to inspire confidence.


I'm privileged to have the exceptionally talented Shelley Paulson as my mentor. Working with her has given me confidence in my own work and vision. I keep my photography skills sharp by attending workshops, private mentoring, online courses, and of course, by creating beautiful images at every opportunity. The heart of my photography is to capture the authentic you.


Photo by Shelley Paulson