365 - A Personal Project

January 05, 2017  •  2 Comments


For 2016, I decided to tackle a personal project - one photo a day for the entire year! This project was both a blessing and a headache - I love the memories I have of our daily lives, but many days I was scrambling to produce a photo as a last minute thought. I don't think that this year stretched me artistically for that reason. Still, one of that great things about photography is the ability to grow in your craft. This year I added off-camera flash to my list of things to learn. The above photos was my first of the year and used on-camera flashed bounced off the ceiling. I hope you enjoy this selection of photos from our year. 

33 1515 2424 4545 With how fast our children grow, it was important to me to capture those everyday photos where not much is happening. I can't remember the last time she hopped up on the counter like this!

5656 6363 105105 I call this "Tuesdays with GeeGee." Soon after our daughter was born my mother-in-law babysat one day every week. I am so blessed to see our daughter have a relationship with her grandparents!

165165 From Holt Ballet Conservatory's spring performance A Midsummer Nights Dream. 

174174 183183 188188 213213 239239 A good friend insisted I take this photo - this is how I do our daughter's hair when I get the dreaded "there's lice in the classroom" note.

273273 I took only a few self-portraits last year. This year I plan to take more so that I can exist in our family photos as well. Getting ready for ballet.

277277 278278 296296 319319 353353 Christmas morning. 

357357 359359 My last photo of 2016. Such an abundance of wealth in this photo - my caring husband and our spunky daughter.

Thanks for checking out my personal project from 2016 - hope to keep the tradition going in 2017!


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Beautiful pictures Jess!
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I absolutely Love!!!!
So sweet and precious
Beautiful work
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