Sunlight for the Sullivan Family

January 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Sunshine fills my heart with joy! I absolutely adore a session where I get to play with light. Having well-rounded photography experience means I can still get portraits done on a cloudy day (sometimes that's all you have to work with in the fall/winter!), but nothing beats having some light. The day the Sullivans had their session scheduled actually started off as rainy, but I knew the storm was supposed to move through quickly. We actually caught the only 20 min of sun in Penn Valley that day - dark clouds descended right at the end of our session. I hope you enjoy these bright portraits as much as I do!

SUL-1116-010SUL-1116-010 SUL-1116-008SUL-1116-008 SUL-1116-018SUL-1116-018 SUL-1116-014SUL-1116-014 SUL-1116-016SUL-1116-016 SUL-1116-021SUL-1116-021 SUL-1116-022SUL-1116-022


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